Shantilal Residence


A Suburban Residence

Raichur has a rich history over the centuries and has been part of many empires.  A 50X80 feet plot  in a mushrooming residential suburb of Raichur posed a unique challenge to design a home on a  sloping site is well utilized  having basement with parking access from the steeper side made more cost effective solution.  Simple and elegant looking facade with clean lines and a minimal feel of white walls and cool grey textures on the external facades definitely gives the sense of calm and peace, also creates senses of welcoming, aesthetic and visual impact.  It also features a nod towards the environment with the tall trees planted in a formal arrangement along the pedestrian walkway to provide shade and creates comfort sense, also gives a sense of grandeur and formality. The style emphasizes on functionality, to be very livable and practical.  The planning allows enough empty spaces for people to easily move between each area. Not only will this make the spaces significantly more usable, also will give the eye a chance to rest and refocus between each grouping.  By keeping a consistent color scheme throughout and  sticking  to shades that are easy on eyes with one or two bolder hues, to add pops of visual interest.



PLOT AREA  :  3920 sq.ft.

BUILT   UP AREA: 7020 sq.ft