Navratan Apartment


A Residential Apartment

A 40X60 feet plot in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, is a luxurious apartment feels open and spacious. The façade is a part of the urban fabric that builds up the city. Here the building looks very creative, innovative, and very interesting by using wood on the exterior façade, and the vertical rhythm created by introducing vertical members makes it an architectural stand out.  It also gives a visual impact on the structure for any layman with its aesthetics and its uniqueness. Its stylish façade not only showcases a strong contrast between gray and wooden color, but also an intrinsic preference for clean forms.   The playfulness of light and dark shade makes the façade of this building look simply stunning, especially the dark wooden cladding along with the light beige color makes it look even more eyecatching. Natural light spills across the hardwoods and casts over the large living area which is separated from a partition that gives privacy. This is an apartment that takes modern design to a whole new level, by its combination of Italian marble and crisp wooden floor throughout while rich hardwoods give the master bedroom charm along with a gorgeous balcony.  Simple and sleek, the other two bedrooms shows the power of contrast light walls are highlighted by dark wood interiors. A large kitchen with a continuous flow to the large dining allows the whole space to feel connected and open. The interior is also designed with a monochromatic color scheme that has been enhanced by the clean and contemporary design gives a sleek and trendy appearance.



PLOT AREA  : 2400 sq.ft.

BUILT   UP AREA: 6300 sq.ft