Uttam Residence


A Suburban Residence

This 4 bedroom residence was planned for a family of 5, with Stilt and 3 upper floors. The stilt is planned to accommodate 2 car parks, small office space, and servant quarters at the rear end.
The main residence begins with a staircase and lifts foyer which also forms a separation between the living area and the dining. The interiors of the house are finished with light Italian marble flooring and teak wood veneer.

Light colors are used to bring openness to the house. Sufficient windows are provided throughout the house which brings in enough light during the day. Double walls are used in some areas on the exterior of the house for serving dual purpose ones to bring aesthetics and others to cut down the heat inside the house. the exterior is cladded with wooden finish vitrified tiles and Italian marble which gives a very contemporary and appealing look to the house.



PLOT AREA  : 1300 sq.ft

BUILT   UP AREA: 5000 sq.ft