Camelot Project


An IT Sector

Camelot is designed for IT sector. The Infrastructure is designed for four floors of office space with basement parking and canteen in the open terrace. Glazing facade design allows the clear view of nature and natural daylight which reduces the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. The single path runs the length of the building with two main entrances which lead to the grand lobby which divides the space into 2blocks. The building encourages active engagement inside and outside of the building with pedestrian walkways, access to outdoor areas with visible staircase, and flexible workstation. The canteen at the terrace level is designed with a temporary roof structure with a good terrace garden.



PLOT AREA:  6983.940 sq.ft

CARPET AREA: 3130.23 sq.ft

BUILT UP AREA: 6364.51 sq.ft